RUH’s Intensive Care Unit Catches Fire


Due to unknown reasons, an oxygen cylinder exploded at the intensive care unit of Bath’s Royal United Hospital (RUH). One woman patient received burns and has been treated for it, while several other staff members were treated for inhaling smoke.

Soon fire emergency crew was called upon and they helped everyone present in the ward and also made sure that ward gets proper ventilation. For now, all the ICU patients have been shifted to general wards and five of them have been taken for theatre recovery.

Adopting precautionary measure, firemen remained positioned outside the ward so they could avoid the incident that occurred earlier.

For now, the ward has been closed and it is expected that the ward would get open quite soon. Talking about the incident, hospital’s spokesperson applauded the efforts of staff and also affirmed them to be ‘incredibly quick and professional’. Till the time fire emergency crew came at the scene, staff members had already extinguished the fire, which is a brave act.

Hospital’s spokesperson affirmed, “We have offered support and treatment to relatives who were in the unit at the time and we are contacting families of all the unit patients to advise them of the patients’ whereabouts”.

Special measure has been adopted to take care of patients, who were earlier admitted in the ICU, but now are in general ward. Additional staff has been deployed to take care of them so they do not get a feel that they have been neglected in ordinary wards.

Spokesperson further affirmed that they would open ICU only after ensuring technical and safety checks so such kind of incident should not get repeated.

Patients, who were sent to Bristol Hospital are also said to be fine, said spokesperson.