Drug For Chronic Myeloid Leukemia To Be Out Soon

Drug For Chronic Myeloid Leukemia To Be Out Soon

It has been claimed by the Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc. that its experimental drug ponatinib is effective in improving the life of the patients suffering with chronic myeloid leukemia. The Ariad Pharmaceuticals is hopeful that its drug would pave the way for better and effective medication for leukemia.

Patients of leukemia often become resistant to antibiotics and therefore, the disease is difficult to cure. However, it is hoped that by the help of Ariad Pharmaceuticals, a drug would be invented which will help in improving the life of the leukemia patients.

A trial of the drug was conducted over 449 patients. During the trial, majority of the patients with advanced stage of chronic myeloid leukemia begin to show positive results as their immune system showed positive response towards the experimental drug. ,

The drug would be proposed for licensing in 2012 by the manufacturers. Although the drug had showed positive outcomes, in the month of November, a trial of the drug over the patients showed some adverse impacts. Since, the shares of the company have been trembling down.

It has been informed that too much presence of white cells led to side effects on the patients. It is estimated that this year, 5,150 people in the US would be diagnosed with deadly chronic myeloid leukemia, which will led to death of about 230 patients.

Harvey Berger, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cambridge said that each and every chronic myeloid leukemia drug would have side effect over the patients. It has been informed that the experimental drug has been designed with the hope of targeting abnormal tyrosine kinase, which is said to be associated with chronic myeloid leukemia. However, decision over the release over the dug is yet to be taken.