Meryl Dorey: To Be or Not To Be

Meryl Dorey: To Be or Not To Be

Recent reports have it that the organizers of the Woodford Folk Festival are under scrutiny for including Meryl Dorey, as part of the program of the festival. It was revealed by the Communications Officer as well as researcher from Heart Research Institute, Rachael Dunlop that this move is very irresponsible and might prove to be dangerous for the authorities in the time to come. She conveyed this message in an article, and was of the view that it would be a better option to let people decide about the view given by Meryl Dorey, rather than presenting her as a martyr.

She further added in her article that there isn't need for totally excluding Dorey from the program, there is only need for choosing the priorities right, so that maximum results can be garnered from the event in the end.

In the recent past, there has been a lot of hue and cry about the appearance of Meryl Dorey in the health forum that is going to be held in Woodford soon.

Ms. Dunlop further said that the debates in the forum aren't one sided at all ad they are decided upon by the full support of all the present members in the forum.

Dorey's views have been disagreed upon by a number of members from the panel. There is dire need to keep these forums free of radical actins and comments by any of the participants. There is need to strike a balance between the needs of the form and the presence of Dorey, in the entire scenario.

The main aim of the overall discussion should be to decide upon what is best for the vaccination norms of the area, also that the health standards of children are not compromised upon in the ordeal.