Men Overestimate Women's Lust for Them

Men Overestimate Women's Lust for Them

A visiting professor at Williams College, Carin Perilloux carried out a research in order to understand men’s way for perceiving women’s level of sexual interest and vice versa. During the study course, the expert along with her fellow coauthors have analyzed more than 200 straight undergrads and grouped them evenly.

Afterwards, the experts directed every subject to measure their own attractiveness with the help of a one to seven scale. During the study, the researchers organized a "speed meeting” for study participants where they grabbed a three-minute one-on-one conversations with fellow subjects of opposite sex. Soon after the “speed meeting”, participants rated attractiveness and sexual interest of other person.

While explaining the findings, she referred to a number of previous studies suggesting that the majority of man acquire an illusion that women are interested in them, although the truth is quite opposite where women are least interested. After concluding the findings of the latest study, Carin Perilloux suggested that usually less attractive guys are more likely to live with such misapprehension as compared to good looking counterpart.

“Either you think, 'Oh, wow, that woman's really interested in me' and it turns out she's not. There's some cost to that, such as embarrassment or a blow to your reputation”, added an expert from the Williams College, Massachusetts, Psychologist Carin Perilloux, while insisting that there are two ways when men can traverse a wrong path. The expert has marked unfortunately missed mating opportunity as the second error.

The research findings have clearly depicted that the majority of men having enthusiasm for making a quicker relation are more likely to overestimate the women's lust for them. Simultaneously, it was also observed that actually attractive men are less likely to have this illusion.