Breakthrough In Mesothelioma Cancer Research

Breakthrough In Mesothelioma Cancer Research

A recent report that got published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine has brought mixed bundle of news which has good news, a bad one and the one which is a bit disturbing.

In order to start with good one which would give great amount of happiness to Mesothelioma Cancer Center is that the University of Pennsylvania researchers have done a breakthrough research.

Researchers have come across a cold virus which when injected makes immune system to fight with specific cancers and specially mesothelioma cancer. It is a type of cancer which is caused due to asbestos.

Nine mesothelioma cancer patients were assessed. It was found that five out nine who have not reached at advanced stage felt the difference in terms of tumor regression. Advance stage patients did not show any improvement.

Now time to reveal bad news. Certain American companies have been deliberately putting their workers life at risk. They have been buying gaskets from Europe which they mislabeled to be free from asbestos. But investigations have revealed that they have toxic minerals.

For now, it has not got revealed that which are the companies, but it has been got to know that Wolseley, Inc in Europe is the company which sells gaskets to American companies.

Some of the companies to which it supplies gaskets are Ferguson, Build. com, Cal-Steam and Stock Market and more. It is quite possible that authorities would take stern actions against these companies.

Disturbing one is that Australian film actor Harold Hopkins, 67 died due to mesothelioma. It is said that he got this problem when he was working as carpenter, some 30 years ago. Though he was Australian actor, he was loved in the US for his role in Gallipoli”. Here he played the role of a soldier opposite Mel Gibson.