Survey Declares Boston As America’s Drunkest City

Survey Declares Boston As America’s Drunkest City

According to the recent rankings in a survey, it has been revealed that Boston is probably the drunkest city in the United States of America. It has been revealed according to a survey by the Daily Beast. They are of the view that this ranking is based on market research data, and observations, of alcohol being consumed in over 200 cities.

There are other factors such as binge drinking and heavy drinking also taken into consideration. This data has been gathered from the Centres for Disease Control. It was revealed that people from Boston drink the most. They drink for every reason there is in the book; when they are sad, when they are celebrating, on birthdays and anniversaries, and on funerals and breakups.

This is one of the contributing factors to the situation of health in the nation. There are many people suffering from various illnesses related to binge drinking. There are many related incidents like accidents and fights provoked by over boozing.

The scenario of stress is high for the people of the vicinity, which means that they are a part of the rattrap of the society following the `work hard party harder' trend, which is making them slog in offices all week, only to indulge in drinking too much, when the weekend arrives.

There is need for using methods such as increasing prices and decreasing the availability of alcohol, so that there is a little respite in the number of glasses of wine going down each day. This needs to be done soon because over booing leads to a host of problems such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, obesity, and so on, which tend to have devastating consequences for people in the long run.