Women Lie 9 Times A Week For Food And Drinking Habit

Women Lie 9 Times A Week For Food And Drinking Habit

A survey taken out by watch manufacturer Timex has revealed that women often lie about their diet and drinking habits. On an average, a woman lies nine times a week and approximately the count reaches up to 500 fibs a year.

Some of the common fibs which women lie were: she would have heavy meal so she does not have anything after it; after having monster meal , she would lie by saying she just had small portion; she will treat herself only once a month and she just have fruits and juices.

In order to reach at above conclusion, Timex surveyed 3,000 British women and got to about their favourite lies. Various other things which women say to their pals and family members are that she do not eat biscuits and avoid taking coffee and tea; she prefers to have large portion of salad and soup and fed herself with kids' leftover.

It shows that women lie as they are not able to live up to their self promises where they determine to lose certain amount of weight within a specific time limit. But due to the inability to control hunger and most importantly temptations, they start lying to their partners and friends. They do so to avoid any kind of embarrassment in front of them.

Lying would not derive them good results. In fact, it would make them guilt conscious which further let them eat more and things would get worse than before.

Dr. Cassandra Maximenko from Timex said, "Studies show that keeping a food diary can double weight loss but it seems that rather than being honest about the food and drink which passes our lips, many women are lying about it, or completely denying it altogether".

Diary is good option as it would act as a friend, which would make one remember what she had ion a full day so she could know where she has to restrict.