Does Nicotine Really Help In Quitting Smoking?

Does Nicotine Really Help In Quitting Smoking?

According to a long study, it has been revealed that the nicotine gum and patches that were earlier thought of as good ways to help people give up their smoking habits, are now of no good use. It has been further added that in some cases, nicotine gum might even tend to have the opposite effect and make the situations worse for people.

According to the study, which was published in the Tobacco Control journal, it was said that the products which were earlier said to be viable for helping people quit smoking at least for the time being, are now not of any good use. Now the nicotine high will not put a person to a higher possibility of quitting smoking. It might further backfire in some cases and even increase the urge to smoke making things all the more worse for the person.

The people who have tried nicotine for quitting smoking have revealed that it did not seem to make much of a difference for them. Even if they received counseling with the same, smoking did not tend to vanish away just with the nicotine punch.

Dr. Richard Hurt, from the Nicotine Dependence Center of the Mayo Clinic, is of the view that it is no doubt to the fact that nicotine patches and gums are absolutely important in the process of quitting smoking. The fact is that they need to be used properly by a physician in combination with other therapy and medicines. So for the people who are self treating themselves, might not seem to get the desired results with the same and they need to see a physician soon.

"Some studies have questioned these treatments, but the bulk of clinical trials have unequivocally endorsed them", said Dr. Michael Fiore, from the University of Wisconsin's Center of Tobacco Research and Intervention.