Neurological Disorder in US Kids on the Rise

Neurological Disorder in US Kids on the Rise

As per a report, it has been revealed that there has been an enormous rise in the children who suffer from neurological disorders from 1997 to 2006 in US. The number has increased so much that now hospitals catering to such children have to call for more resources so that they could take better care of such children.

The data revealed that there has been an improper balance between non-neurological children admissions and children having problems like epilepsy and cerebral palsy. The data that appeared in the Journal Plos has found that children suffering from non-neurological diseases have fewer hospitalizations. This trend has been specially noticed in last four years.

In opposite to it, in past four years kids with neurological impairment have increased and 5.3% have been accounted for full day hospitalizations and 19.4% consuming beds for whole day.

The journal editor said, "Within children's hospitals, [patients with neurological impairment] accounted for both increasing trends and a substantial proportion of resources over the study period, including nearly one-third of all hospital charges”.

Now this matter has given birth to another research which needs to seek the need of complete hospitalization among neurological disorder kids. There is no doubt in the statement that hospital care helps a person suffering from neurological disorder, but getting admitted for full treatments would an exaggeration of the case.

The report data is said to prepared after reviewing more than 25 million U. S. hospitalizations of children from 1997-2006. It has been found that majority of the children which get admitted in hospitals for complete care are those suffering from epilepsy and infants who are born premature with hypoxic-ischemic injury which affects brain badly.

It is still to determine that whether or not this trend would continue when inflation is on rise.