Initial Public Offering By Facebook

Initial Public Offering By Facebook

It has been recently revealed that Morgan Stanly is going to be the leader for their planned initial public offering, for the social media site Facebook.

The IPO is expected to be revealed to public by the firm shortly, and the flotation value of the same is expected to be somewhere around a whopping $100 billion. It has been revealed by analysts that Morgan Stanley is expected to lead the venture in the time to come. It is expected to start by early summers this year. The deal has an enormous potential and might result in raising huge sum of $5-$10. This shall tend to make it one of the biggest internet firms offering made public. It may be due to the huge stakes involved or due to the norms of the company. They have been extremely secretive about this venture.

When the documents will be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, there shall be need for the firm to make known how much money they intend at raising with this offering, as well as other details about the future plans of this offering

"One of the first things Google did after its IPO was to hire an army of lobbyists, and I expect Facebook to follow suit — especially if it follows the advice above and looks for creative and expansive new ways to use its data”, revealed Forrester analyst Nate Elliott, on the blog of the firm.

The money that would be incurred from this huge dream deal will be given towards the marketing and promotion of the firm, and this would definitely help Facebook reach even higher levels when it comes to social media sites. There is currently cut-throat competition in this line and the competitors run neck to neck.