Red Wine Good For Health, Could Be Used To Cure Diabetes And Dementia

Red Wine Good For Health, Could Be Used To Cure Diabetes And Dementia

For long, the consumption of red wine has been believed to be healthy by the researchers. However, it is for the very first time when it has been found that it could be used to cure diabetes and dementia. The red wine is said to have low calories and also works as antioxidants.

It has been informed by a team of researchers that the red wine helps the cells to boost the production of the protein cells. A study conducted by the US researchers have said that the red wine would soon pave the way for effective treatment of diseases like Alzheimer.

The findings of the study have been published in the journal Cell. Dr. Andrew Murray, a researcher of the study said, "This study is important because the effects of resveratrol on the cell were identified, so that more potent drugs could be developed to mimic its effects".

It has been informed that resveratrol is a compound that is found in red wine and dark chocolate. A small study over mice was conducted to gauge as to how the resveratrol reacts with the cells. During the study, it was found that the resveratrol slow down phosphodiesterases (PDEs) protein.

Later on it was found that resveratrol also targets protein called sirtuin 1. However, more research is required to be conducted to gauge whether or not the sirtuin 1 helps in boosting the lifespan. Although the red wine is said to be beneficial for the health, the researchers note that one need to consume 667 bottles of red wine to experience the benefits.

Further research would be conducted over red wine as it has been proved to be good for health. The researchers are trying to unveil hidden mysteries of red wine.