Why more lawsuits against Apple?


It appears that this is week of patent infringement lawsuits against Apple! Well, two more companies have filed patent infringement lawsuits against Apple. The two companies that have filed the latest lawsuits against Apple are - Affinity Labs, and Accolade Systems.

Affinity Labs has filed a lawsuit in a Lufkin Divsion, Eastern District of Texas US court. It has accused Apple of infringing three of its patents for transferring info wirelessly to a portable device, which include browsing downloading online content like - music or voice mail - which can be copied or streamed to a handheld device via wireless network, including cellular service. According to the AppleInsider, "the company has also described a system that can dock the portable with a boombox or car stereo to carry music over without involving a second wireless link".

In its 7-page filing in the court, the company has claimed that the iPhone and iPod touch violate each of its patents. The company has claimed that Apple is unfairly copying its browsing, downloading and transferring techniques in offering music and software apps through iTunes and App Store respectively. According to the company, it was granted patents in March 2007, October 2008, and late February 2009.

The second lawsuit has been filed by Accolade Systems in a court in the Marshall Division of the Eastern District of Texas. This lawsuit is more aimed to stop Apple from infringing on the complainant's patent. In the filing in court, Accolade Systems has maintained that "Aptina Imaging and Micron are violating a patent for detecting a camera's sensor intensity saturation by producing three CMOS image sensors". So, if Apple uses any one of these sensors in its iPhone, it will be violating the Accolade's patent.

The two companies have filed legal complaints in two Texas courts, but Apple has declined to comment on the two lawsuits. Monec Holding, a Berne, Switzerland-based company has already filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple, in District Court for Eastern Virginia, on Monday.


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