Shyness to Be Characterized As Mental Disorder

Shyness to Be Characterized As Mental Disorder

It has been reported that new guidelines are about to be passed which would characterize shy children as mentally disturbed. It has further come to light that habit of using internet routinely and showing eccentric behavior could raise brows of the experts as these habits would be considered to be mental issues.

These changes would appear on the new US manual of mental disorders. The manual is treated as a bible by many psychological experts. The critics are of the view that the changes would ruin life of millions.

Some of the critics have gone to the extent of saying that the changes are being introduced with the aim of increasing the sales of drugs. Simon Wessely, of the Institute of Psychiatry said, “We need to be very careful before further broadening the boundaries of illness and disorder.… And there is a real danger that shyness will become social phobia, bookish kids labelled as Asperger’s and so on”.

It is believed that the changes in the guidelines would lower the confidence of kids. The government needs to work towards boosting the confidence level of the children rather than pushing them to the category of mentally sick for just being shy.

The proposed changes have already drawn controversies from all walks of life. It is hoped that the government and the authorities concerned would take a serious note of it and will take necessary step to improve the situation.

There is no doubt that mentally illness often remains undetected. But it doesn’t mean that healthy children with some behavior disorder should be tagged with the mental illness. The whole concept doesn’t look valid and also doesn’t sound humane. The children need security not a tag of mental illness.

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