Safe Sunscreen Guides Voluntarily Recalled

Safe Sunscreen Guides Voluntarily Recalled

It has been reported that a recall of Safe Sunscreen Guides has been made voluntarily by the Friends of the Earth after questions over the content of various brands of sunscreens had been raised. An unpublished study has found that the nanoparticles in sunscreens are being endorsed as nano-free.

The Friends of the Earth has been issuing its guides to about thousands of people for the past many years. However, its recent guide was released in the month of December. Following concerns over the content of the sunscreen, the Friends of the Erath thought it wise to recall its guide.

It has been informed that the nanoparticles are added in the sunscreen as they help the skin to soak up the cream. There are different opinions over the usage of nanoparticles in forming sunscreen. There are some scientists who claim that the particles are safe for the skin and there are a few who believe that the particles are not safe.

But till now, no concrete evidence has been found to prove that the nanoparticles of the sunscreen are safe for the skin. Since many manufacturers don’t include nanoparticles in the index of the content, many consumers have to rely over the Safe Sunscreen Guides to k now as to which sunscreen brand doesn’t have nanoparticles.

The Cancer Council has raised concern over people being misguided. They are of the view that as the consumers is not aware of the affects of nanoparticles which might force them to buy sunscreens in abundance.

The nanotechnology campaigner with Friends of the Earth, Elena McMaster, said, “We've decided to recall the safe sunscreen guides … until we can revise them based on new information that comes in…in the absence of government regulation, the nanotech industry is able to more or less make up their own rules about what constitutes a nano material”.