Iceland Sea Worm Video Is Hoax

Iceland Sea Worm Video Is Hoax

As per recent reports, it has been revealed that an amateur cameraman has shot a video of Iceland Sea Worm. The video has been shot by Hjörtur Kjerúlf at the glacier river Jökulsá í Fljótsdal in East Iceland. The video is getting many likes as there is a story attached with the worm.

Ancestors told that a girl in Iceland put the worm on her gold ring to make it bigger. But when she returned after a few days, she found that the worm has grown into a giant snake. This scared the girl who jumped into the water, but worm continued to grow and became like a dragon.

The worm is considered to be bad omen and is said to be at least 91m long with many humps. Legends have told that they have many times seen the worm outside the water and lying under the tree. This video has also raised concerns and groups have divided like it happened in the case of mammoth.

Recently, a scientist shot a video which had a mammoth crossing the lake in Siberia. There also scientists said that it is a hoax due to many factors. Here also, the scientists are saying that there are not able to believe that the video is true.

Steer watching the video carefully noticed that the giant serpent is moving in parts like a toy train moves. Frankly, this video shows something that looks like a constructed snake-like object, with rigid sections, being propelled through the water”, said one of the watchers. He continued by saying that the animal shown in the video could be a giant worm, mammal, or a reptile. They said because the head of the animal in the video moves in a similar manner like an anaconda moves.


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