Suicidal Tendencies Highly Predominant in Girls

Suicidal Tendencies Highly Predominant in Girls

The frequency of suicide is considered to fairly high among Aboriginal girls, and it is being said that the rates of suicide among them have increased by and large ever since the instigation of emergency intervention in Northern Territory some five years back. The intervention was aimed at combating general child abuse and other neglects.

In this regard, the Children's Commissioner of the territory, Howard Bath, has claimed that girls during the week in progress accounted for a massive 40% of all cases of suicides reported in children aged 17 or below.

The rapid hike in female suicide has shared coherence with a spike up in the toll of Aboriginal women being hospitalized all over the territory, with the majority of reasons being associated with violence.

While expressing his concerns regarding the rapidly increasing rates of suicide among women, along with mentioning what all consequences it can have and what all measures the government must focus on adopting in order to tighten the screws on the present scenario, he added: “Territory Aboriginal women are being hospitalised at twice the rate for assault as Aboriginal women in the rest of country”.

Shedding light on the high levels of violence being faced by women all over the region, Dr. Bath used the word “horrific”, and added: “There are now proportionately far more girls committing suicide - which is the most in the Western world”.

It is fairly clear that five years back when the intervention was launched by Howard Government, the number of girls falling prey to suicides was considerably lower, with the rate being zero during the year 1980. It has been claimed that the approach selected is regularly hanging and it’s somewhat a predominantly mortal scheme, which is indeed way beyond the severity of an overdose.