Obama Soliciting $2.1bn for NASA's Florida Spaceport

Obama Soliciting $2.1bn for NASA's Florida Spaceport

The U. S. President, Barack Obama recently expressed his consent regarding the 2013 budget aspects related to the American space agency NASA. As per reports, the President is willing to bring about an enhancement in the expenditure being made at the Kennedy Space Center, as revealed by a statement released on Tuesday by the center director.

NASA’s Kennedy Space Center went through a massive setback due to the impact of job cuts it witnessed during the closure of the space shuttle program earlier in 2011.

The $17.7 billion budget pleas made by the US President for the space agency for the year due to start from October 1 consists of $2.1bn grant for the Florida spaceport, thereby marking a massive boost of $323mn when compared to the budget sanctioned for this year.

While expressing his opinion regarding the significance of increased funds for the space agency and what all positives can be harvested out of it, the Director of Kennedy Space Center, Bob Cabana, said: “During these austere times when other centers went down, for us to go up I think says a lot about the importance of what we're doing and where we're going”.

He was addressing the conference of National Space Club Florida Committee that was held on Tuesday in Cape Canaveral.

However, amplification in the proposed budget of the centre will have nothing to do with the number of jobs available at NASA. But still, Cabana revealed his expectations that the workforce of Kennedy Space Center will remain at around 7,500 employees during the calendar year 2013, with in excess of 2,050 civil servants also included in the total.

In addition, it has been claimed that in excess of 8,000 contractors, generally those based in Florida, were suspended at the time of retirement of the space shuttles last year.


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