Live Woolly Mammoth Clip Is Artistically Doctored


An enormously bizarre but eye-catching video was released recently with claims of featuring a surviving woolly mammoth which, according to speculations revealed by scientists from across the world, has been died out from our planet some four millenniums back.

The video features a woolly mammoth passage a Russian river. The clip, which now looks like a perfectly mastered and flawlessly blurred one, was allegedly “caught by a government-employed engineer last summer in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug region of Siberia”, according to reports that were all over the global media since the video first came into picture.

A video seems to be of a river somewhere in Siberia and it has now been proved that the woolly mammoth crossing the river has been inserted in the video clip intentionally. In this regard, it has been claimed by LiveScience that the video is no more than a hoax as the original, untempered video show no animal, whatsoever.

The video, in just next to no time of its released, went out viral on the world wide web by creating a cracker of an impression. Though suspicions started popping-up there and then, a number of experts even shared their expectations that the video, which had already made braking news around the world by getting an ocean full of hits on the internet, may well be authentic.

In the meantime, a number of Loch Ness Monster fascinates and Bigfoot followers claimed that it the clip seems genuine, along with expressing opinions full of hopes that the giant unidentified (or supposedly wiped out) animal is still living in some way off wilds on the planet.

In this regard, while expressing his views on account of the doubts prevailing over the legitimacy of the footage, a well-known Hollywood video-effect artist, Derek Serra, came up with claims that the video footage has been blurred deliberately.

He further added that, “I don't recall seeing a mammoth; there were bears, deer, and sable”, and added: “But no woolly mammoths. I had no idea my footage was used to make this fake sighting”.


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