UW Researchers Schedule for ‘God Particle’

UW Researchers Schedule for ‘God Particle’

UW Scientists are putting their best efforts to make new discoveries in the recent times upon the existence of a new particle known as “God Particle”. Approximately a dozen of UW scientists are working in this $10 billion Large Hadron Collider, which is located on the Swiss-French border. The world’s largest particle accelerator is a 17-mile long racetrack, upon which particles are speedily accelerated until their collision.

According to the plans for 2012 schedule that were revealed last week from the professionals who are running the LHC, possibilities are higher that the team will gather enough data by the end of this year to learn about the existence of Higgs boson at around 125GeV (a tantalizing signal has already been spotted by the professionals).

Professionals working upon the project have scheduled all the calculations and will make the machine pump out three times respectively the similar or even higher number of collisions this year as it did in the last one.

Above action will be performed after slightly boosting the energy in the collider before it is send into an extended shutdown, which will be started next winter.

LHC’s history has one catastrophic failure due to a flaw in its superconducting hardware. Thus, this time, the professionals remain extra cautious to avoid any situation again.

Regarding the situation, some comments came from UW Physics Professor Wesley Smith, who is also working at the LHC presently.

“The model cannot be used to calculate or predict the masses of any of the fundamental particles — not of the electron, muon or quarks that make up the proton. The so-called ‘God Particle’ or Higgs particle provides a manifestation of the field with which all particles interact and thereby acquire mass”, he said.


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