US Astronaut Glenn Completes 50 Years of Spaceflight Career

US Astronaut Glenn Completes 50 Years of Spaceflight Career

As per recent reports, it has been recently revealed that John Glenn, US senator and the first American to orbit around the Earth and third American to go in the space, is thinking to celebrate his 50th anniversary of his spaceflight career.

A lot of events have been planned to mark the event, which will be held on Monday at Ohio State University. Some of the activities, which will be part of the event are grand dinner and meeting with the International Space Station.

Glenn was the first astronaut to orbit around the Earth for three times in five hours on Feb. 20, 1962. It was due to him that the nation got a lead in the world in terms of space voyage. Glenn himself admits that his act in the past has acted as a golden opportunity for America. Since his successful act of orbiting the Earth, people’s perception about their nation has changed.

Glenn will attend the event with his wife Annie, who later will be participating in a student-led question-and-answer session. Following that there will be a lavish dinner and the event will be concluded with a speech by former astronaut Mark Kelly.

“He is a man of boundless courage, limitless optimism and unswerving honor. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to celebrate his tremendous achievements and his important leadership at Ohio State”, said Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee.

It was a surprise for Glenn to have a live chat with space agency. Glenn said that he could not have expected such a gift, but from NASA. Some of the topics, which he will be discussing, are future of NASA, advancements to make in the space research. One of the biggest surprises is that Neil Armstrong will be the keynote speaker at the event.


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