Japan To Witness Yet another Earthquake, Say Experts

Japan To Witness Yet another Earthquake, Say Experts

Warnings have been made by scientists about the next earthquake which would be devastating and destructive. Recently, Japan was hit by a huge earthquake which caused millions’ of losses. But now, it has been predicted that a much more devastating earthquake would be witnessed by the residents of Northwest.

Researchers have already initiated as to how devastating the coming earthquake would be. On 14th of February, an earthquake of magnitude 6.0 was felt, which however, didn’t cause any injury. The earthquake was witnessed somewhere 150 miles west of southern Oregon.

The earthquake was categorized as weak as only 39 people reported of feeling it. It has been informed that about 300 years ago, a devastating earthquake occurred in the northwest region. It has further been informed that biggest earthquake was observed underwater, in Japan. The shakeup caused displacement of seafloor by 150 feet.

Anderson from the University of Nevada was reported as saying, “The ground motions that we have from Tohoku may actually be an indication that there could be much stronger shaking in the coastal areas of British Columbia, Washington and Oregon… Local site conditions can have an enormous effect on the nature of strong ground motions”.

Following the warnings by the experts, the US Geological Survey (USGS) has already initiated an analysis over the expected earthquake. It is believed that the shakeup underwater leave devastating impact over the urban areas.

There are a number of questions which are yet to be answered by the scientists. Japan acted courageously by overcoming the devastating impact of earthquake in March. Another great earthquake can be devastating for the growth of the economy of the country. It is hoped that the experts would be able to predict the impact of the coming earthquake.