NASA Need Participants to Eat Space Food

NASA Need Participants to Eat Space Food

In an amazing report, it has recently been claimed that NASA, the US space agency, is soliciting assistance in improving the insipid food astronauts which will be provided for consumption while they will be on their stay at Mars, one of NASA’s most ambitious project which is due to take place in near future.

The space agency NASA is reportedly in search for candidates for eating astronaut food, the one which is provided to astronauts during their space visits, for four months during the course of a replicated journey to the Red Planet. Participants will also make efforts of trying instant foods, and the ones which has shelf-stable ingredients, while the records will be continuously monitored by scientists.

The basic intent behind carrying out such an experiment is to find what foods people prefer consuming on a consistent basis.

The researchers from University of Hawaii-Manoa and Cornell University are looking for six people to wear spacesuits and eat space food on a Hawaiian lava flow for more than 120 days. Though the participants will not be going to space in actual fact, the participants will be acting as if they are currently on Mars. The researchers will be focused on recording the reaction of the participants to characteristic NASA foodstuffs, such as those in the likes of sugar, dried meat and flour.

The study, which was carried out in parts by the University of Hawaii and the Cornell University, led to the disclosure that applicants must be holding a bachelor’s degree in biological, physical sciences, mathematics, engineering or computer science, and they must be having sufficient professional experience in the same field. In addition, it is said that smoker and those who don’t speak English are not required to apply. Participants selected through the procedure will be going through a two-week venture of training and will be provided with a sum of $5,000 after successful conclusion of the venture.

In addition, it has further been revealed that space, food, lodging and round-trip travel will also be paid and applications will stay open till February 29.