The Chikungungya Alert

The Chikungungya Alert

It has been recently revealed that the WHO and PAHO have come up with new guidelines regarding the spread of the chikungungya virus. This is a mosquito borne disease and tends to become fatal if help is not received at the right time.

The disease has affected as many as 2 million people in the world and it is high time measures are taken for the control of the same. Mr. Jose Luis San Martin, the PAHO adviser on dengue is of the view that the mere fact that America hasn’t been so far exposed to the chikungungya virus puts the people of the vicinity at a specific risk of the same.

“The PAHO/WHO has always been very supportive of the public health initiatives implemented by the Government, and has provided technical support for various programmes over the years, and we look forward to this continued support”, said Dr. Irad Potter, the Chief Medical Officer in the Ministry of Health and Social Development.

The risk of the mosquitoes travelling from elsewhere to the western hemisphere cannot be overruled and the risk of the disease cannot be totally overlooked. In the time to come, there is all the possibility that even the western hemisphere shall face the risk of this disease. This is why it is essential for the people of the country to stay educated and aware about the same.

Preparing for a fight isn’t wrong at all, and one needs to know how bad the disease might be. It is essential to note here that the symptoms of the disease are nausea, severe joint pain and fever. It is essential that such symptoms, after mosquito bites aren’t ignored at all. The more one delays, the more the virus spreads in the body and the more the chances o it becoming worse.