Geneticist Rewarded for His Assumptions, Following Practical and Its Findings

Geneticist Rewarded for His Assumptions, Following Practical and Its Findings

News is confirmed that Sydney Geneticist Mr. John Mattick and his suggestions claiming junk DNA as rubbish were all right.

Though the geneticist's challenging his assumption underpinned genetics for 50 years, it seems his brain was following the right path for which the Human Genome Organization has decided to reward Mr. Mattick with the Chen Award for his distinguished and outstanding academic achievement in human genetic and genomic research thereby making him the first Australian to get the same honor.

The above theory is contrasting the theories of Prof. James Watson and Francis Crick (ran for decades), who discovered that DNA is a double helix that contain all the written instructions of proteins in the gene (the so-called building blocks of all body processes) as Professor Mattick has explained in his findings that the above theories held facts only for bacteria and are not true for the humans.

Professor Mattick is the new Executive Director of the Garvan Institute. He explained in his findings that the human genome contains a majority of letters (that do not make proteins) called non-coding DNA.

The people thought that the entire DNA not making proteins would be just junk but Professor Mattick doubt if the useless material could survive hundreds of millions of years of evolution. To clear the facts, he studied the non-protein-coding sections of DNA, which he said has a function of producing RNA.

"The obvious and very exciting possibility was that there is another layer of information being expressed by the genome - that the non-coding RNAs form a massive and previously unrecognized regulatory network that controls human development", he revealed from his findings.

Many scientists are hoping that the newly discovered RNA could form the base of a brain's plasticity and learning, following which, the hopes of science is getting higher to uncover facts about many complex diseases.


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