Solution to Tinnitus Found

Solution to Tinnitus Found

As per a study, it has been revealed that a new treatment has been found, which is capable of treating the problem of tinnitus. The treatment involves listening of sounds through headphones. It is said that the personalized treatment will help to reset auditory nerve cells in the brain.

Tinnitus is not a disease and can occur in one or both ears due to many underlying reasons. In it, a person hears the perception of sound within the ear and is not hear the corresponding external sound. As said the problem occurs due to variety of reasons and some of the reason are ear infection, foreign objects in ear, nasal blockage preventing fluid and wax build-up.

The study is said to reduce the tinnitus symptoms and is known as Acoustic Co-ordinated Reset (CR) Neuromodulation. The study boasts that the treatment has been able to treat the problem in more than three quarters of trial patients.

Lead author Professor Peter Tass at the Julich Research Centre in Germany, was of the view that for now the treatment is available for £4,500 for private patients. However, a further research in the matter can pave the way for free treatment being provided by the NHS.

Mark Williams, who is an audiologist at the Tinnitus Clinic in London, said, “As the first treatment for tinnitus to remove rather than mask symptoms, clinical evidence will hopefully open this treatment to a wider range of patients”.

Peter said that found the treatment while developing the treatment for neurological disease known as Parkinson’s. It was then they found that if a person wears special headphones for a few hours a day then his tinnitus problem can be solved.