New Species of Scorpion Found

New Species of Scorpion Found

It has been recently revealed that a scientist of University of Nevada, Las Vegas, has discovered a new species of scorpion in Death Valley National Park. Matthew Graham said that they found the Wernerius inyoensis, a half-inch long scorpion, at the time when they were searching for animals in the night.

Graham said that he has special ultraviolet light and from its light only they found the scorpion. He further affirmed that scorpions have special chemicals in their exoskeletons, which makes them glow under UV light.

Michael Webber, who was also involved in finding the species, was of the view that the newly found scorpion is similar to the species that are being found in desert Southwest and is quite similar to Wernerius spicatus, which is commonly found in Joshua Tree National Park.

At the time when they discovered the scorpion, they also thought that it’s a Wernerius spicatus, but later they found that it is a Wernerius inyoensis. Both the species are quite similar and have an unusually shaped spine above its stinger. However, one can notice difference in their tail, reproductive organs and in its pincers.

Graham said that they have named the scorpion after the Inyo Mountains, the place where they found the scorpion. He further affirmed that its species is such that it will be commonly found under fossils. “When you come across a scorpion, they glow a bright green color, which is really easy to see in contrast to the surrounding darkness”, said Webber.

Webber further affirmed that scorpion is such a species, which has not evolved in last 400 million years. Their bodies have changed very little since 400 million years ago and they prefer to live in sandy habitats.