Giant Black Hole Is a Binger

Giant Black Hole Is a Binger

It has been recently revealed in a report that the giant black holes have received their huge size due to their tendency of becoming capable of amassing and engulfing the things near it. The research team from the U. K. is of the view that the reason for the black holes becoming so huge over a long period of time is because they have eaten like gluttons in the past.

This research has been done by a team from the University of Leicester, and from the Monash University. It was revealed that the reason for these black holes becoming so huge over a long period of time is because of their capacity to engulf anything that comes its way. This has given them the appetite of a glutton over the time.

“Our own galaxy, the Milky Way, has one about 4 million times heavier than the sun. But some galaxies have black holes a thousand times heavier still. We know they grew very quickly after the Big Bang”, said Leicester researcher Andrew King.

It was revealed by Chris Nixon from the Leicester University that there is need for a faster mechanism in this regard. For the same, there were experiments done with the help of gases coming from different directions. It was revealed how the scientists conducted computer stimulation tests including two gas discs. This would lead to large amount of gas going into the hole after there has been a collision.

There is need for more research and development to be done to find out what is the best possible way of going about this entire experiment. There are all sorts of calculations being made to make this work for now.