“Most Naked People Playing Golf” Record

“Most Naked People Playing Golf” Record

It has been revealed in a recent report that a group of people in Essex have claimed the bizarre sounding record for the maximum number of people playing mini-golf, naked!

As strange as this might sound, thirty people have become the record holders for this after stripping off to play the 18-hole course golf. The event was held at the Adventure Island situated in Southend.

This is an attempt they made, which is first going to be sent to the Guinness World Records team and then it will be officially announced as a record if they qualify.

"With them having to bend down to retrieve the balls from the holes, it made for some interesting sights. It was certainly quite chilly down there this morning and there were quite a lot of goose bumps", said the event co-ordinator, Tracy Jones.

She further revealed how people got into the game with good spirits despite the cold weather and made an attempt to make the world record.

This record has been attempted by people in the past as well, but it is for the first time that 30 people have been involved in the same. It remains to be seen whether the Guinness records agrees and gives it a record position in the time to come It might have been really awkward stripping in front of strangers but people were really enthusiastic about it and there were participants from Birmingham, Durham and Dorset, as well as other far off places who came to be a part of the same. This shows their spirit and belief and how much they wanted to make this mark.

It remains to be seen whether their perseverance bears fruit and they get accepted as a new world record.