One of the Largest Health Resources to be Made Available to Researchers

One of the Largest Health Resources to be Made Available to Researchers

It has been reported that health record of as many as half a million of Britons would be made available for research, today. The health records would contain information about 26,000 people affected with diabetes, 50,000 with joint disorders, 41,000 teetotalers and 11,000 patients with heart diseases.

The records would be made available to the UK Biobank which already has amassed detailed health resources. The data thus collected would be used for analyzing various illnesses from the time they were triggered.

It is believed that if health resources are continued to be stored at the UK Biobank then soon in the coming time it would become one of the most valuable source of health research. It has further been informed that results of various tests including the urine, saliva and blood tests would be included.

The Principal Investigator of UK Biobank, Professor Sir Rory Collins was reported as saying, “We are grateful to participants for their trust and support so far. But they have not joined the project to see it remain idle; we all want to see the resource used extensively to bring about benefits to health and wellbeing”.

It has come to light that participants from Scotland, England and Wales helped UK Biobank to collect massive data. The height, weight, body fat, bone density and many more measurements were taken of the participants for collecting the data.

It is hoped that with the help of massive data collected, the researchers would be able to gauge reasons behind a person being infected with a particular disease and others not. The health records thus collected will be studied and analyzed by an international team of researchers. It is hoped that the researchers would be able to achieve their goals through their initiative.