Alcohol Can Change One’s Perception, Say Researchers

Alcohol Can Change One’s Perception, Say Researchers

In a recent study conducted by the researchers of Roehampton University, it has been revealed that people after getting drunk find it hard to rank the attractiveness of the opposite sex as they are too drunk to point out anything.

During the study, many men rated average looking women highly attractive after getting drunk. The participants of the study informed that they decided of marrying their partner after getting drunk. One of the researchers, Lewis Halsey was reported as saying “People that had drink tended to be less good at noticing if a face was asymmetrical, they often saw it as being symmetrical when it was asymmetrical”.

The findings of the study have been published in the journal Addiction. The findings of the researchers of Bristol University contradict with the findings of Leicester University researchers. The researchers of Leicester University have claimed that men tend to find women less attractive after getting drunk.

However, the researchers of Roehampton University have claimed that they have untangled the mysteries of “beer goggling”, a phenomenon which pushes opposite sex to mate after getting drunk. The researchers while commenting upon the findings said that when people get drunk, they stop giving preference to looks and look for link that connects them.

While supporting the findings of the study, the researchers said that many people tend to find their soul mate when they are drunk. For the study, about 101 students were recruited. The participants of the study were divided in two groups. The first group was provided with soft drink and the other group was provided with alcohol.

The students were then exposed to a large number of pictures of women. During the study, the drunken students’ ranked average looking women as highly attractive, while the other group didn’t had any difficulty in ranking the attractiveness of women.