Swine Flu Jab Leads To the Development of Sleep Disorders

Swine Flu Jab Leads To the Development of Sleep Disorders

As per recent reports, it has been declared that many of the patients assisted with the swine flu vaccines have developed an overwhelming sleep disorder.

It has been recovered that almost 27 people, out of which majority portion includes children have been diagnosed of suffering from the disorder narcolepsy.

However, the medical officials have stated that still many of the people who might be suffering from the disorder are yet to be examined; this tends out to be a major concern for them.

Although, it has been declared that the Health Minister, James Reilly has claimed that all the patients who have been affected will be compensated, but at the same time, the major problem still remains unsolved.

Dr. Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer asserted that the situation arose after it was acknowledged that the swine flu jab, Pandemrix, augmented the chances of development of narcolepsy in a few cases of which, majority proportion included young people.

He illustrated that due to the drug, the people fall asleep suddenly, however, the time duration differs; it can be at times for an hour or sometimes even longer. This situation occurs due to the weakening of muscle temporarily.

However, it has been reported that till now, no reason behind the cause of the situation due to the drug has been put forward, but it has been emphasized that the swine flu jab is the major cause behind the situation, there must be additional factors leading to the condition.

However, Dr. Darina O'Flanagan, Director of the Health Protection Surveillance Centre, who headed the expert group investigating the possible link, said: "There was a 13-fold higher risk of narcolepsy in vaccinated compared to unvaccinated people”.

Further, it has been illustrated that the drug increases the risk of developing the sleep disorder in those patients who are genetically prone to narcolepsy.