Albatrosses Laying Eggs Early

Albatrosses Laying Eggs Early

As per a British research, it has been revealed that a change in the breeding pattern of albatrosses has been found. Albatrosses are said to be the largest of sea birds, which have now started laying eggs quite early that they used to do some three decades back.

Researcher Sue Lewis of the University of Edinburgh's School of Biological Sciences was of the view that there can be many reasons for such a change and one of the factors is environmental factor. However, they need to do further research to know about more reasons, which have led the wandering albatrosses to lay eggs before than their generally scheduled time.

It is said that it is not less than a magic as a lot many efforts have been done so that albatrosses lay eggs before than scheduled time. It was necessary as they are one such bird in the word which has lowest reproductive rate. It lays one in a year and takes a long time to hatch that single egg.

“It is possible that earlier breeding in some females at South Georgia is a consequence of environmental change, but at the moment we are not sure if this is related to weather, a change in oceanographic conditions or food availability”, said other study researcher Richard Phillip, who is a bird ecologist the British Antarctic Survey's (BAS).

The birds are exclusively found on the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia and is said to be laying eggs some 2.2 days earlier. These birds are 3 metres long and do not weight more than 26.5 pound, which is equivalent to 12 kilograms. In addition, it has been found that not every bird is laying eggs early.


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