Complications in Children who are Born Overdue

Complications in Children who are Born Overdue

It has been recently revealed in a report that those babies, who are born overdue, are the one who are more likely to develop problems such as ADHD in the long run. They are the ones to have problems such as attention deficit in the long run. The risk of behavioral problems is definitely higher for the children born after more than 9 months of pregnancy.

This is something similar to the reasons why premature children tend to have problems. The normal length of pregnancy which is about 40 weeks, if exceeded, the babies are at the risk of complications. It might be the reason for emotional or physical problems.

The researchers from Netherlands have found that the reason for the same might possibly be the incapability of the placenta to provide the effective amount of nutrition to the baby after a period of 40 weeks.

“The children born too late are more than twice as likely as term-born children to have clinical ADHD. We were aware of potential complications caused by babies born prematurely, but these findings suggest there is also a greater risk of long-term problems among babies born too late”, said the study's lead author, Dr. Hanan El Marroun.

There is need for further research to be done in order to develop proper techniques to help the woman deliver the child at the right time, and this is needs to be prevented in the time to come. What can be done further is that there can be ways of preventing complications developed, similar to the ones for premature births. It remains to be seen how this research turns out to be in the time to come.