First Commercial Solar Project Built On Government Land Inaugurated


As per recent reports, it has been reported that first commercial solar project that had been built on government land is subjected to have started producing electric power from solar energy generated by site in Mojave Desert south of Las Vegas near the Nevada-California state line.

It has been declared that the Silver State North site began generating electricity after one and a half years of being approved by Department of the Interior in 2010.

It has been revealed that the inauguration ceremony of Silver State north was attended by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. He said, “The project is a landmark for America, a landmark for the solar industry and a landmark for how we use public lands”.

It has been discovered that this project is one of the 28 projects approved by government to build large-scale renewable energy projects on land acquired by Bureau of Land Management (BLM). It has been termed that the increase in number of renewable sites had not been seen ever before in the US, rather, it has been reported that the sites that BLM have given on lease for building renewable sites, were earlier proposed to be used for building oil and gas drilling.