Obese Pregnant Women Need Help, Says Report

Obese Pregnant Women Need Help, Says Report

It has been recently revealed in a report that those mothers who are very obese, might also have to face a number of problems during their pregnancy. It has been reported that there are many obese women who have trouble while pregnancies. What is worse is that the number of complications might turn out to be worse in the time to come, if proper attention is not paid.

It was revealed by the Australasian Maternity Outcomes Surveillance System that there are an increased number of obese pregnant women these days. There are many women suffering from morbid obesity in the country, and there is dire need for efforts to be made to change this scenario.

''Based on this research, we encourage women who are obese to get expert assistance if they are planning a pregnancy, to lose weight beforehand, to limit weight gain during their pregnancy, and to ensure they have access to high-quality care to best manage their pregnancy", said Dr. Nolan McDonnell, an anesthetist at the King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women in Perth.

There is need for more efforts to be made by the authorities for a good plan of action to be developed for being able to help women who are obese and in need for help.