Clot-Bursting Drug to Increase Stroke Patients Life

Clot-Bursting Drug to Increase Stroke Patients Life

As per the world's biggest trial of the medicine, it has been found that if stroke patients are given clot-busting drug rt-PA within three hours of stroke, then they have a better chance of survival than those, who do not receive the treatment.

The international trial was being led by the University of Edinburgh, in which more than 7,000 people across the globe took part. Intravenous drug was given to patients, who were suffering from acute ischaemic stroke that blocks the brain.

Lead researcher Professor Joanna Wardlaw, from the University of Edinburgh's Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, was of the view that the patients who received the drug were able to completely recover after six months and were able to take care of them.

Joanna said that they have been conducting trial of the drug for last 20 years, so there are no apprehensions about the drug safety. “What we see is that the drug increases patients' longer-term recovery. But we need to find out why some people bleed and how to reduce this”, said Joanna.

It shall however be noted the drug had a side effect that if it did not suit to patients then they could have lost their lives.