Religion and Obesity Linked, Says Research

Religion and Obesity Linked, Says Research

A recent research has found that religion has a lot to do with obesity. The study was being carried out by a group of New South Wales researchers and they have also found a link between body mass index and religion.

Religious celebrations add a lot of weight, said Michael Kortt, from the Southern Cross University. He conducted the study with the help of Brian Dollery, who is from the University of New England.

Both the researchers said that they conducted study on 9408 adults and after assessing for a significant time period, they found that religion leads to increased body mass index. It further causes many health complications like heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer.

"There has been a growing body of evidence to suggest that there is a positive relationship between religion and health”, said the researchers. Kortt was of the view that non-catholic women are considered to be having low body mass index, which means that they do not indulge much in religious celebrations.

Another thing that was being noticed during the study was that people, who generally practice religion in their homes, were the ones, who had increased body mass index and consumed high calorie food.