Apple Fixes Bug Finally

Apple Fixes Bug Finally

Apple was in a big discussion since past few months for a bug, which was crashing some of the apps soon they were being downloaded from its store. But now the company has fixed the bug and such problems are existing no more.

The issue came to light when Instapaper creator Mr. Marco Arment raised his concern of receiving bulk of emails from disgruntled customers and dozens of his other apps also facing some similar affects.

He said that the Apple's servers are ready to distribute the new app binary only in studies because by the time the users start receiving update notifications, something goes wrong inside Apple's distribution servers. This further receives the user a damaged binary rather than a good one.

"The exact reason is up to Apple to determine, but it looks like some binary encryption that happens internally in the App Store is only halfway-done at this point, and customers receive incorrectly (or partially?) encrypted binaries to their iPads”, he added.

He explained that the encrypted binaries are not recognized by iOS and are not valid App Store executable binaries, and therefore they face failure every time the user efforts to launch them.