World’s Most Advanced Biomechanical legs Developed

World’s Most Advanced Biomechanical legs Developed

There are chances that dreams of having a simple and human-friendly robot will turn into a reality, quite soon. A group of researchers in the US has developed the world’s first pair of biomechanical legs, which are most advanced till date.

Anthony Lewisn and Theresa Klein both have worked on the project and are from the University of Arizona, and were of the view that the legs are half the size of humans and mimic the human in the way the walk.

Lewisn said that their development will prove a great boon for robot development. He further affirmed that their development will be counted among soft robots, which are far better than hard legged robots.

He further explained, "But conventional robots derive their heritage from industrial robots and they are very stiff -- they wouldn't be safe around grandma. So this is a step in that direction”.

While explaining more about the research on the Journal of Neural Engineering, Lewisn said that sensors being used in the legs are quite flexible and gives a feel of human walk. The legs are made of three components and when all three are put together then it does give a feel of human walk.