Meditate the Way you Feel most Comfortable

Meditate the Way you Feel most Comfortable

If you are meditating then prefer performing same in a position in which you are comfortable and not the one that is popular for the effects, says Mr. Adam Burke, a Professor of health education at the San Francisco State University.

"Because of the increase in both general and clinical use of meditation, you want to make sure you're finding the right method for each person", Burke was quoted as saying in EXPLORE: The Journal of Science and Healing.

He explains that it is very important to perform meditation in a comfortable position because it pampers meditation skills and person can get most on the medical benefits from the exercising like reduced stress, lower blood pressure or treatment of any addiction.

Burke is out with the above findings because he ran a study in which he compared all the four popular meditation methods i. e. Mantra, Mindfulness, Zen and Qigong Visualisation. He started noticing if meditation methods favored novice practitioners following uncomfortable positions or not.

The experiment was ran over 247 participants, who all were taught each method of meditation and were asked to practice same at home to evaluate their preferred choices. Moreover, 31% people preferred the simpler methods i. e. Mantra and Mindfulness whereas few others said Zen and Qigong. Researchers suggest preferring comfortable methods for performance.