Stem Cell Expert Wants HIV Treatment to Spread like Wild Fire

Stem Cell Expert Wants HIV Treatment to Spread like Wild Fire

An Australian stem cell expert has proposed that their research in treatment for HIV has advanced and the next step in the research will be its trials on human.

The world-famous Professor Alan Trounson, who at present is head of California Institute of Regenerative Medicine, has been working on cure for HIV and diabetes. He further assured that the cure is soon to include human trials.

Prof. Trounson asserted that if their trials on humans showed positive results, then they will be bringing about certain changes in technology, so that it can be used across the world, especially in developing nations, including Africa.

He notified that he doesn’t want that the cure should be limited to patients of only western countries; instead it should be made available to other countries even. He stated that he expects that industry will help them achieve their goal and thus, the cure will be available to majority of people across the globe.

Advancing further towards his research, Prof. Trounson explained: “The HIV research uses blood stem cells to mimic a gene mutation found in a small proportion of the population who are immune to the virus”.

The study is based on treatment of an American with HIV, after the bone marrow was transplanted from a donor, who carried the mutation.