Nintendo Wii Doing Miracle for Stroke Patients

Nintendo Wii Doing Miracle for Stroke Patients

Thinking of stroke patients once again using and performing activities with their affected limbs was never possible until the researchers discovered the new Nintendo Wii therapy to serve the purpose.

Yes, with the help of their newest discovery, researchers are standing confident to see use of affected limbs and signs of recovery in the stroke patients. They are claiming that the new therapy utilizes the Nintendo Wii, which can bring significant improvements of the patients and enable them to once again move their affected parts.

Ms. Penelope McNulty, neurophysiologist at Neuroscience Research Australia has confidently supported their intensive and two-week training program with the Wii, which she believes will show good improvements in the way stroke patients use their limbs once again. This procedure could prove helpful even for the people, who suffered stroke many years ago, she believes.

"The Wii is inexpensive, easy to use and, very importantly, fun. This type of rehabilitation motivates participants to actually complete their therapy, which is essential for maximum recovery", says McNulty, according to a Neuroscience Research statement.

The suggestions have come in an international medical conference of the Society of Electrophysiology and Kinesiology that was recently held in Brisbane. During the conference, researchers explained about their new findings and said that video games are helping stroke patients to recover fast from their affected health.