MHRA Recalls MoM Hip Replacement Device

MHRA Recalls MoM Hip Replacement Device

Following concerns raised in the matter of a type of hip replacement type called metal-on-metal (MoM) device (DePuy ASR hip replacement implant), an investigation has been issued by health regulators.

It is being feared that after the hip replacement becomes old and corrodes, there are chances that the metal particles get freed and artificial replacement and then reacts with the adjoining muscles or other soft tissues and ultimately enter into the bloodstream.

It has been reported that back in 2010, Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) banned the use of DePuy ASR, a brand of MoM artificial hip. The surgeons were denied from implanting the hip replacement. Rather, they were asked to send the unused artificial hip back to the manufacturer.

Moreover, MHRA asked all the surgeons to inform all the patients, who had been implanted the type of above mentioned device, should consult them and fix up with them for an annual check-up.

Further the UK regulators said, “If the person who had the implant experiences pain, the surgeons should consider measuring the level of metals in their blood and should examine the soft tissue to see if reactions have occurred”.

Moreover, they suggested that if the case has worsened up, then the surgeons should immediately operate the patient and remove the implant.