Tackling Climate Change can help In Reducing Hospitalizations, says Report

Tackling Climate Change can help In Reducing Hospitalizations, says Report

A recent review of a study has found that in Australia, coal-fired power is causing lethal diseases affecting the nervous system, heart and lungs. Similarly, the pollution caused by automobiles is also affecting the quality of life.

Every year, the government is spending $2.6 billion on people affected by the coil-fired power and $3.3 billion is being spent to provide healthcare services to the patients affected with automobiles' pollution, annually.

While presenting Our Uncashed Dividend report, the Climate and Health Alliance and the Climate Institute said, "Economic evaluation of the health benefits of emissions reductions in Australian jurisdictions would provide economic, social and political incentives for action and help build public support for climate mitigation".

It has been recommended that a policy needs to be drafted which will in preventing the health of the people through emission reduction. The report has further recommended that by drafting strategies to combat with climate change can help in bringing down the number of hospitalizations. The State and Territory Government has been asked to take the adequate measures so that quality of life of the people could be improved by preventing the occurrence of life threatening diseases.


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