Food Obsession in Cats; Researchers Revealed

Food Obsession in Cats; Researchers Revealed

According to the recent research made by a group of vets, if you ever find your cat troubling you for food, then there are chances that it is caught in the web of eating obsession.

Though it is quite normal for the owners to notice their hungry cats doing mews and paws towards them and that too just for food, according to researchers, this eagerness to eat food might sometimes indicate towards a 'psychogenic abnormal feeding behavior’.

There are few other symptoms for such a condition, like, an infinite appetite, showing aggression towards food by grabbing the cat food tin with paws or growling and hissing to get food immediately. This study was led by Paolo Mongillo from the University of Padua in northern Italy.

They analyzed the eating habits of an eight-month-old Otto, which is a male Siamese cat and loves to gulp down the food quickly. He is generally found stealing food from other cats.

During the dinner time, he can even snatch his owner’s dinner to meet his hunger. Plastic toys, clothing, and other items of house also serve as delicious food to him.

Researchers failed to find any medical explanation for his behavior except the fact that it is nothing else but just an obsession for food. With this, they finally discovered the first confirmed case of food obsession in cats.