Prince Harry Deactivates Facebook Account

Prince Harry Deactivates Facebook Account

Amidst the controversy over the nude Vegas picture scandal, Prince Harry has deactivated his Facebook account. A shock for many, but yes he was maintaining a Facebook account with the name of Spike Wells.

He was having more than 400 friends in his account, and was quite regular on the same, but no more. Things changed when his nude photos got published online, as he initially tightened security on his Facebook account and later deactivated it.

Things took a toll at the time when Prince Harry invited some girls at his royal suite in Vegas and then indulged into strip pool party with them. Little he was aware that one of the girls would take pictures of them and rest what happened is history.

Not only has this matter given birth to a lot many controversies and discussions, there are many other issues as well, which have been discussed a lot and one of them is whether it is allowed for a royal family member to have a Facebook account.

He is not the first royal family member, who had a Facebook account, as there are many, who had it, like Google's Larry Page. However, it is said that it is completely unethical to have the same.