Evernote and Moleskine Designed Notebook

Evernote and Moleskine Designed Notebook

In a recently held conference of the Evernote Trunk, CEO of Evernote Phil Libin, announced that they have developed a specially designed notebook. Main part of the story is that Evernote has designed the notebook with the help of Moleskine, which is known for creating designer notebooks.

The recently developed notebook will come with an installed feature in which one would be able to go through the journals using Evernote’s iOS applications. While explaining the working of the same, officials were of the view that the notebook has special pages, which can be read through scanner as well.

Many times, there are some topics or lines, which need to be marked with different stickers. This new notebook is enabled to provide special stickers, so that one can tag the pages whenever they want. As said, the greatest feature of the notebook is that it will give an opportunity to its users to digitize their writing, by just taking a photo of a writing, which used a latest developed technology by the two companies.

It shall however, be noted that the notebook will not be available in the market before October. The notebook will come in two sizes, the bigger size will cost $29.95 and the smaller size, which is more like a pocket friendly device will cost $24.95. It is expected that the collaboration of the two will prove fruitful.