Nintendo to Launch New Game Console in November

Nintendo to Launch New Game Console in November

Nintendo, which is considered to be the world's largest gaming company by revenue, has announced some details in regard to their new and yet to be launched game console, Wii U. The Japanese multinational consumer electronics company has unveiled that they will start the sale of their new console from November.

The new console will be available in two countries, one in the US and second in Europe. Officials said that they have chosen the launch month after having a lot of brain storming sessions. In order to maximize their sales, they will be launching the console, which can also work as a home entertainment center, in holiday season.

To talk about the price and other specifications of the console then it will come in two versions. The first version will be having 8GB of internal memory and will cost $299.99. The second version will have internal memory of 32GB and will be available for $349.99.

Reggie Fils-Aime, who is the President of Nintendo for America was of the view that they are not sure about the games that will be available on the launch date. "But I can assure you that this launch library, beginning on day one, will be the strongest for any Nintendo home platform in our history", further asserted Reggie.