Microsoft Catch Holds Nitol Botnet Malware

Microsoft Catch Holds Nitol Botnet Malware

Microsoft announced that it has been taking action against Nitol botnet and other 500 strains of malware, which has disrupted their supply chains. They have already taken permissions from a federal court for strangulating Nitol botnet.

It is considered to be the latest war of the company against hackers, who install malware in new computers. While explaining about their discovery of the crime, the company officials were of the view that they found that offenders were found to be selling infected computers to customers and were doing nothing, but disrupting their service line.

Though the company has denied of revealing the names of the criminals, they have announced that the scan took place in China. In order to put infectious malware in computers, the offenders attached the command server with the DNS of Chinese-run 3322. org.

From 2008, it has been known that 3322. org is known for causing malware incidents. As soon as Microsoft officials got to know about the problem, they diverted the inflow from 3322. org to their official DNS. By doing the same, they were able to block the communication with 3322. org.

"Microsoft took ownership of the [3322. org] domain and basically created a more surgical access to the good domains and blocked the bad”, said experts.