Cute Kittens Help Improve Productivity, Study Says

Cute Kittens Help Improve Productivity, Study Says

To increase and boost one's productivity at school and work, various motivational sessions are conducted. However, these attempts often end up at like just a boring lecture with no effective outcomes.

According to a recent report, a team of researchers at the Hiroshima University has found a solution to the same. It means they have come up with such a technique that one would only be found motivated and more productive.

It is being said that kittens are a best way to encourage young ones to be prolific and constructive. The statement is based on a study, which included forty-eight university students, who were shown three distinct types of pictures. Alongside, they had to play a simple children's game, which was alike Operation.

The team noted that the students who had been shown baby animals were proving themselves as more productive. The other two groups were shown adult animal pictures or commonly liked foods.

As per the findings, the reason why kittens motivated kids more is probably the way one talks to them or puppies. A gentle voice is used to do so and the same might be transferring to good task performance.

"The present study shows that perceiving cuteness not only improves fine motor skills but also increases perceptual carefulness", said the researchers.